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Aaron Perry has been practicing herbal medicine and aroma therapy for over twenty years. Each fall he climbs high in the Rocky Mountains to harvest a very special healing plant, and prepares tinctures and tisanes all through the year to share with friends and family. With the guidance of his dear mentors and advisors, Aaron hand-crafts the Wele Waters bathing salts to bring you great healing, well-being and an amazing home-spa experience worthy of royalty.

Aug 31

How To Make Bath Time Relaxing, Healing + Sustainable

By Aaron Perry

[UrbanWellnessMag Article – Aug. 29, 2018] Since the whispers of the mythical “Fountain of Youth,” and the miracles of holy water began circulating in our consciousness, humans have touted the healing power of H2O. Hydropathy (also known as hydrotherapy and “water cure”), in fact, has become an entire course of study, yielding such common household […]

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Jun 01

From Stressed & Blitz’d to Relaxed & Bliss’d!

By Aaron Perry

Our Self Care Practice is Essential to Managing Daily Stress! We can feel so much stress these days – especially as busy parents and professionals! Our stressful days are full of to-do lists, and a never-ending blitz of new emails and messages. It’s such an intense, dizzying and exhausting pace! That’s why it is so […]

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May 30

Corin Blanchard shares her Wele Waters soaking experience

By Aaron Perry

Corin Blanchard shares her Wele Waters soaking experience. Soaking and spa expert, Corin Blanchard, co-founder of Soak Boulder, shares her incredible soaking experience with Wele Waters hand-crafted bathing salts. Listen to her describe how Wele Waters bathing salts are a great partner for “intense self-care,” and how her nervous system “rapidly downshifted” during her soaking […]

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