Massage and Body Oils (COMING SOON!)

CBD Hemp-infused organic sunflower oil 

with pure essential oil aromatherapy 

Our special massage and body oils are perfect for massage therapists, for sensual intimacy, and for daily moisturizing. Made with organic sunflower oil and biodynamically-grown cbd hemp from Colorado farm. They are an essential addition to your health and wellness practice! (Each bottle ~ 11-12 full bottle massages, or 1-2 months of daily moisturizing). 

Soothing, relaxing, sensual, pain-relieving – wellbeing in a jar!

Choose Your Oil


Nectar - a sumptuous blend of cedar, frankincense, and lovingly harvested honey - Nectar is an exquisite choice for massage therapy, sensual intimacy, and daily moisturizing use.


Frost - like an arctic gust and cozy fire all in one, this therapeutic blend with wintergreen and camphor is perfect for aches, pains, arthritic discomfort, and post-workout recovery. 


Velvet - imagine a full-body chocolate cupcake experience, infused with luscious lavender - Velvet is sure to provide both deep restoration in therapeutic settings and unforgettable memories in sensual intimacy. 


Forest - experience walking through an enchanted forest with mythical allies all around you as your feet alight silently on mossy patches - Forest magically balances pine, vanilla, and vetiver for extraordinary nourishment of beard, body, and mind. 


Aphrodesia - slip into the temple of sensual bliss with this tantalizing blend of rose and ylang ylang - Whether sharing with your lover or indulging in your own self-care, Aphrodesia will transport you to heavenly ecstasy. 


Sunrise - awaken with the brilliant sunshine and joyous bird song, running through orange and lemon groves - combined with the complexity of bergamot, Sunrise will energize and enliven your day. 


Orange Cream - the delicious, refreshing blend of orange and vanilla will transport you to childhood play - Orange Cream is sure to delight, to relax, and to enhance your joy and youthful vigor. 

Community Impact - Nonprofit Support

With every purchase of Wele Waters Bath Salts you are supporting the Y on Earth Community, a 501(c)3 charitable organization and educational non-profit.

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