Wele Waters Interview – Aaron Perry & Katie Garces | Wele Waters - Spa Experience

Wele Waters Interview – Aaron Perry & Katie Garces

By Aaron Perry | Videos

Apr 07

Katie Garces interviews Aaron Perry about the Wele Waters blends and benefits. We had so much fun checking out the different aromas and talking about all of the health and well-being benefits of Wele Waters.



About the Author

Aaron Perry has been practicing herbal medicine and aroma therapy for over twenty years. Each fall he climbs high in the Rocky Mountains to harvest a very special healing plant, and prepares tinctures and tisanes all through the year to share with friends and family. With the guidance of his dear mentors and advisors, Aaron hand-crafts the Wele Waters bathing salts to bring you great healing, well-being and an amazing home-spa experience worthy of royalty.